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We will match you with your perfect car, the colour, make and model, price and mileage, transmission and more!


Verified Mileage

All vehicles have verified mileage so you can rest assured that everything is above board.



We will always keep you informed of your application, and will text or email you of its progress.

Quality Vehicles

All our vehicles are sourced from auction and are ex company fleet cars, very well maintained.


Vehicle History Reports

Free Standard basic history of car.  Full or part service history and repair receipts provided where relevant.


Warranties are available at an additional cost.  Just ask and we can provide details for you.

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mercedes benz c220 d 2.0 sport premium plus saloon

Mercedes Benz









What type of vehicles are available to buy?

All MatchCars2U vehicles are sourced from auction and are ex-company fleet cars which have been very well maintained and looked after.  There are four different gradings on both the interior and exterior of the cars, including the wheels.  Please note the grading does not include the mechanical function of the vehicle.

What are the different grades (A,B,C,D) of vehicle?

‘A’ grade is for the best quality car. The interior is almost new with no marks and no scratches. The exterior of the car – wheels having no scratches or marks, including the bodywork having almost no scratches or marks and if any they are not too visible to the eye.  




‘B’ Grade is for the second best quality of vehicle.  The interior is almost new but might have some sign of light use.  The exterior of the car – wheels could have some light scratches or marks, but they are not obvious to the eye.




‘C’ grade is the third best quality car. The interior of the car will have marks and scratches. The exterior of the car, including wheels, will have more scratches and marks than grade A and grade B.



 D ‘D’ grade vehicles interior will show heavy use on the seat and carpets, together with the back seats.  The exterior of the car, including wheels, will have marks and scratches.
 N Category Grade ‘N’ can also be obtained by MatchCars2U – these vehicles are known as Non-Stuctural  grade – the vehicle has been involved in an accident but does not have structural damage which means that it can be repaired.
What is the range of mileage on vehicles?

Mileage on vehicles ranges from 1,000 miles up to 100,000 miles

What about delivery of my new vehicle?

DELIVERY IS FREE for the new keeper’s vehicle within the London area

Delivery outside of the London area can be arranged for an agreed delivery fee.

All vehicles are delivered clean both inside and outside.

Can I pick up my vehicle in person?

Yes – we can hold your vehicle for you to be collected in person.

Will my new car be serviced?

MatchCars2U can give your car a FULL SERVICE at a cost.

MatchCars2U can give your car a PART SERVICE at a cost.

What if my new car doesn't have an MOT?

MatchCars2u can provide an MOT at an extra cost.

Do I get a Service History?

If your chosen vehicle has a service history this will be provided at no cost.

Will I get all repair receipts?

If your car has repair receipts these will be provided at no cost.

Will i get information regarding the vehicle's history?

Customer will receive a Standard Basic History of the car.

This consists of:

Any finance on car. No cost

Any accident on car. No cost.

Any scrap on car. No cost.

Imported from another Country. No cost.

MOT on car if valid. No cost

Color change if valid. No cost

Does my car come with a Warranty as standard?

MatchCars2u cars do not come with a Warranty.  We can supply a Warranty at an additional cost.  Please contact us to find out more information.

Do you provide credit?

MatchCars2U.co.uk is not a credit agent and we don’t sell or provide credit facilities.

What about car insurance?

MatchCars2U.co.uk is not an insurance company.

This will be something you will have to take care of your self. We can advise you in some part of how the Insurance works.

Your insurance premium will depend on your individual circumstances, for example:


  1. How long have you been driving with a full driving license?
  2. How many points do you have on your license?
  3. How long have you had any points on your license?
  4. What was your conviction for?
  5. What is your home address with post code?
  6. What is your age and occupation?
  7. What is your car’s engine capacity?
  8. Have you ever been disqualified from driving?
  9. If so, how long were you disqualified for?
  10. Have you ever been banned from driving?
  11. If so, how long were you banned from driving?
  12. Do you have any physical disability notifiable to DVLA?


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