We make all arrangements to sell your vehicle to a private buyer with MATCHCARS2U.  It’s easy to register and we will create your Car Advertisement for FREE!

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“Take the stress and hassle out of selling your car – leave everything to MATCHCARS2U to find your perfect buyer match!”

Your Buyer Match

Our team will work to find your perfect buyer match; saving you the time and hassle of a private sale –  we’ll let you know straight away!



FREE Classified Advert

Free Level 3 advertisement (Worth £45) on MatchCars2U of your private vehicle for sale for 30 days duration.




We will always keep you informed of your buyer enquiries, and will text or email you of any interest or buyer offers.



If you don’t match with a buyer within 30 days and if you wish to continue your advertisement, your advert will be renewed or you can simply cancel.


Check out our FAQ’s & FEES section below.  It’s quick and simple to register for your FREE Car Advert.  You’ll find the ‘Private Seller Registration Form’ at the bottom of this page.



How to find your perfect buyer match – You could find the answer here!

How do I register to sell my car?

How to Register as a Private Seller

Simply complete the Private Seller Registration form, with both your details and the vehicle you wish to sell.  We will confirm your registration and request photographs of your vehicle that you wish to include in your free advert.

How long does my FREE advertisement stay online for?

Initially your advert will run for 30 days.  If you don’t have a buyer at the end of the 30 days, the advert can be renewed, or you can simply cancel.

What kind of vehicles can I register to sell?

MatchCars2U can sell any vehicle under 7.5 tons on your behalf.

How will you inform me of any interested buyers?

We will text, phone and email you to keep you up to date in real time of all relevant progress.

Do I have to meet the buyer in person?

No, we will take care of all your requirements for the sale of your vehicle on your behalf.

What about viewing and test drives of my vehicle for sale?

We will arrange with both parties for a convenient day and time to meet, with the relevant documentation for insurance purposes in order to test drive the vehicle.

What if my car for sale doesn't have an MOT?

MatchCars2u can provide an MOT for you at an extra cost.  If  you require an MOT, simply contact us to arrange for this.

Do I need to provide a Service History?

No, we can still sell your car on your behalf, however the same car having a full service history and low mileage will always sell for a little more.

What about all the paperwork after a sale is agreed?

We will take care of all the administration surrounding the sale of your motor vehicle.  All paperwork will be sent electronically to your email address.

What are the Terms & Conditions for me as a registered Private Seller

Please see MatchCars2u  TERMS & CONDITIONS


Do I have to pay for anything extra for my advertisement?

As part of your Private Sellers Premium Plan, you will receive a FREE Level 3 Advert (Worth £45) which will appear online in our Private Sellers Classified Ads Section on together with promotion on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

We charge a small introductory fee to cover our costs for each buyer we introduce you to. If you find a buyer match there is also a Fee that will be deducted from the final balance of the sale price of the vehicle.  You can see our Fees in the section below FAQ’s.  There are no other costs involved in the Private Sellers Premium Plan.  

Can I promote my Private Seller Advertisement on my social media?

Yes, you can.  We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Are there any service guarantees?

We want to provide you with a Premium Service.  Therefore, we are transparent with our costs and fees involved with the sale of your vehicle on your behalf.  We shall endeavour to find you the best buyer match for a succesful sale of your vehicle at the best possible price, saving your both time, stress and money.  MatchCars2U will not be held responsible for anything past the time of sale.

There may be some admin fees for the costs in bringing you potential buyers, depending on how many buyers you were matched with, if any.  If you were not matched with any buyers then you will not pay any costs or fees.  The final fee is only payable if a buyer match results in the succesful sale of your vehicle. 

What if my car doesn't sell in the 30 days?

You have the option to renew your FREE Level 3 Advert for another 30 days.  Or you can simply cancel.  There may be some admin fees for the costs in bringing you potential buyers, depending on how many buyers you were matched with, if any.  If you were not matched with any buyers then you will not pay any costs or fees.

When will I receive my money (after fees deducted)?

We will pay out directly to your preferred bank account on the same day that your car is sold.  Please ensure that we have all relevant and correct information to enable the succesful transfer of funds to your account.



What we charge to find your perfect buyer match

We want you to be completely happy with your selling experience and the service that you receive.  Therefore, our aim is to keep you informed and to be transparent and upfront about any costs that may be involved in the sale of your vehicle.  As you will see, the above Fees cover the professional service that you will receive, ensuring you are matched perfectly with your new buyer and to get the best possible price for your vehicle.  Also included are the vehicle documentation and paperwork after sale, arranging viewings and test drives.  We will pay your money by Bank Transfer directly to your account.

register to sell now

Private Seller Plan Registration Form

Please enter the amount in £ you wish to sell your car for. We will also search book prices for your vehicle make, model, age and condition.
Include exterior colour, interior colour, any modifications, other relevant information on condition of vehicle. *Please note we will request images of your vehicle once registered.

We will review your submitted registration form and be in touch shortly.  Thank you for your interest in selling your car through

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